Delivery and Takeaway!

Tuesday - Saturday

Lunch : 12pm - 3pm (L.O. 2:30pm)

Dinner : 5pm - 8pm (L.O. 7:30pm)

Drop us a text to place your order!

WhatsApp  +65 9431 7040


We recommend that you place advance orders

as it may take up to two hours for your food to be delivered.

12pm-3pm (L.O. 2:30pm)

A LA CARTE MENU (12pm - 3pm)

Pigs Head Mmmuffin with Fries      $24

Fried Fish Sandwich with Fries      $26

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad      $20


5pm-8pm (L.O. 7:30pm)

A LA CARTE MENU (5pm - 8pm)

Sourdough (4pcs)      $24

Charcuterie     $32

Jamon de Bellota, Jesus du Pays Basque, Duck Rillette, Pickles and Olives

Crab 'Roll' (2pcs)      $26


Tomatoes, Lardo and Fried Capers      $19

Fatty Tuna      $24

Tomatoes, French Beans, Ratte Potatoes, Olive Dressing

Pork Pluma      $28

Iberico de Bellota, Tomatillo and Jalapeno, Coffee Jus

Chongqing Lamb Ribs (3pcs)      $28

Kimchi Pasta      $28

Quick Cooking Instructions Included

Monkfish Cheeks      $30

Wild Garlic Butter and White Bean Salad

1/2 Roast Duck      $52

Duck Fat Potatoes and Green Salad

Margaret River Hanging Tender and Green Harissa      $75(250g)

Margaret River Wagyu Striploin   $90(250g)/$145(500g)

Green Salad, Mustard Dressing

Dry Aged OP Rib      $260(1kg)

Roasted Red Peppers, Green Salad, Mustard Dressing 

Pecan Tart (1pc)     $12

Whole Portugese-Style Sponge Cake      $36

With French Cherries, Orange and Cream

*Pre-Orders Only, A Day in Advance